Meeting PA Rentals in Seattle and Bellevue • Event PA for Rent in Seattle, Bellevue

Microsoft-Dev-Days-2004-2Do you have a meeting event coming up in the near future. Are you not sure how people will hear the speaker? Let D.A. Sound help supply your meeting PA rentals.

Meeting PA system rentals from D.A. Sound are always high quality, and come with the D.A. Sound team to help train your people exactly how to use the equipment before the event.

• Meeting PA Rentals Perfect for Your Next Event

• Easily Portable Meeting PA Rentals

• Training and 24/7 Emergency Support

Don’t risk not being heard at your next meeting or event, let D.A. Sound take care of your meeting PA rentals.

Seattle Meeting AV Equipment Rentals • Bellevue Event Sound System Rental

VMC-Open-House-1Are you looking for meeting AV equipment rentals that wont break the bank to get reserved for the day you’ll need them? At D.A. Sound we pride ourselves in making high quality meeting AV equipment rentals available at a fraction of the cost some other places charge.

The D.A. Sound advantage doesn’t end with just that however. D.A. Sound is proud to be the Seattle area’s leader in customer service as well.

Our experts don’t just leave you with a bunch of meeting AV equipment rentals and expect you know how to put it all together and use it. We’ll help ensure your meeting moves forward with confidence by training you how to use your rental, or offering our services as a live sound operator.

• Meeting AV Equipment Rentals and Training

• High Quality Meeting AV Equipment Rentals

• Highly Experienced Meeting AV Equipment Rentals Operator

Let D.A. Sound help make sure your next power point, slide show, or company meeting AV production is a success.

UplightsWe believe that the answer is directly related to our commitment to customer service. It all starts with the way that we serve our clients. We make sure that we are ready to help them with their meeting and event PA equipment rentals or AV equipment rentals, 24/7.

We want to be ready to help at a moments notice so your meeting or event can proceed seamlessly and create the impact that you had envisioned for it.

Call D.A. Sound today and let us help make your meetings and events truly reach the ears, eyes and minds that you need them to.

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  • Established in 2004!
  • We work around your schedule.
  • Punctual and professional.
  • We use state of the art equipment.